Policy Brief

M.W. Deem, M.E. Bonomo, and K.R.W. Matthews, “Improving the Effectiveness of the Annual Flu Vaccine,” Policy brief no. 10.29.18. Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy, Houston, Texas.

Research Articles

M. E. Bonomo, A. K. Brandt, J. T. Frazier, C. Karmonik “Music to My Ears: Neural modularity and flexibility differ in response to real-world music stimuli,” IBRO Neuroscience Reports, 2022.

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Review Article

M. E. Bonomo and M. W. Deem, “The physicist’s guide to one of biotechnology’s hottest new topics: CRISPR-Cas,” Physical Biology, 15 041002, 2018.

Book Chapter

M. E. Bonomo and M. W. Deem, “How the other half lives: CRISPR-Cas’s influence on bacteriophages,” in Evolutionary biology: Self, non-self evolution, species and complex traits; evolution, methods and concepts edited by Pierre Pontarotti, Springer Nature, 2017.


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Other Publications

M. E. Bonomo,  “Isabelle Stone: breaking the glass ceiling with thin films and teaching,” published online by the American Physical Society Forum on the History of Physics, 2019. (Essay Contest Award)